Cheers to 2024, let's make this our best year ever! I'll be enjoying a much needed Spring vacation with my sisters April 11-26th. I will respond to all inquiries upon my return.

The PRESSED story

Welcome to PRESSED paper + print!

I'm Sharon, the creative force behind it all. While my journey has taken many twists and turns, one thing remains constant: my passion for creativity.

For over three decades, I dedicated myself to nursing, a career filled with love and learning. Yet, my heart always yearned for the world of artistry. From childhood, I reveled in colors, paper, and the joy of crafting by hand. Over the years, I've delved into various mediums, from glass blowing to watercolor, constantly expanding my artistic horizons.

In 2015, Artfull Messages marked my foray into stationery design, blending calligraphy and watercolor to create pieces that were truly works of art. However, my journey took an unexpected turn when I couldn't find the perfect handmade paper for my son's wedding. Determined to fill this void, I embarked on a mission to craft my own.

Countless hours of research and experimentation led me to the captivating world of handmade paper. Despite the challenges, I persisted, refining my techniques until I found my stride. Thus, PRESSED paper+print was born—a testament to my unwavering dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Today, I proudly serve as the owner of PRESSED, collaborating with talented designers and artists to bring unique visions to life. From crafting bespoke papers in a spectrum of hues to offering a range of printing services, each endeavor is infused with passion and precision.

Pressing forward isn't just a business motto—it's a way of life. Whether I'm pressing paper, mastering the art of letterpress, or navigating the whirlwind of wedding season, I embrace each moment with boundless enthusiasm.

To all who embark on this journey with me, I extend a warm invitation to PRESS ON. Together, let's create beauty that transcends expectations.

With heartfelt gratitude and big hugs,


P.S. My family fuels my every endeavor, their unwavering support and boundless love guiding me every step of the way. To my beloved husband, children, and grandchildren—thank you for being my greatest source of inspiration.