Cheers to 2024, let's make this our best year ever! I'll be enjoying a much needed Spring vacation with my sisters April 11-26th. I will respond to all inquiries upon my return.

Help Desk / FAQs

Here you will find answers to all of our FAQs.  Before placing any orders please review our terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimer pages.



When will my order arrive?

Custom orders ship approximately 6 weeks for retail and 3 weeks for wholesale after your order has been placed depending on our current workload. Add an additional 7-10 days if your order includes printing services. Changes in shipping times will be posted in the Announcement Bar found at the top of our Home page. Please make sure to schedule extra time in your calendar to account for delays that may occur due to "life in general" because we all have things that happen ;) and for US holidays/planned vacations.

Do you do rush orders?

If time permits I will, please send an inquiry through the contact page.

Do you offer local pickup?

Due to the COVID pandemic, I'm unable to offer local pickup at this time.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes I ship worldwide. There have been major shipping delays for international orders and current VAT restrictions, but I have no control over your package once it is mailed. If you don't see your region/country listed in our shipping area, please contact me and I'll make adjustments.

Who do you use for shipping?

I currently offer USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL shipping options. I highly recommend UPS, it is my shipping preference. You can select expedited shipping upon checkout if needed. If the shipping rate is more then what you paid with your order, you will be invoiced separately for the difference.



       Can I change my paper size or colors after I’ve ordered?

If you need to make any changes, including refunds, please do so within the first 24 hours from purchase. Orders placed are entered into my job queue which takes the place of other orders that could have been fulfilled. 

Do you make all of the paper?

Yes!  All of PRESSED paper is made, to size and color in my Texas studio.

Can I request a custom color?

Yes, I can create a custom color for you. I use Pantone as a guide and recommend selecting from their chart. I'll match as closely as possible to the color selected. There is a small fee for custom colors. Custom color orders take a bit longer to ship due to the intense process of mixing pigments as close to the color you would like.

Can I request a custom size?

Yes, you sure can (excluding specialty papers).There is a small fee associated with this request because I make a custom deckle. PRESSED Wholesale Club members may request custom sizes (within reason and mutually agreed upon) at no additional cost.

Does ink bleed on your paper?

My paper is created with calligraphers and stationers in mind. I'm proud to create canvases that are easy to work with. I cannot guarantee bleeding won’t occur, however, I have not experienced this issue ourselves, not had complaints from customers. 

Is your paper easy to write on with a nib?

My paper is created with calligraphers and stationers in mind. I'm proud to create canvases that are easy to work with. My clients have expressed great happiness with the ease they experience using pointed pen nibs on our papers.

Do you sell samples?

Yes, please see my sample deck here

I do not send samples of your order out prior to shipping the final order. All orders are made custom so that the colors are consistent. 

Does your paper fit into manufactured envelopes like Cards & Pockets?

There are so many manufactured envelopes available to purchase and they are all a bit different. Also, when you add envelope liners to them, they make an even tighter fit. Our paper is made by several paper makers by hand and each and everyone of them will be unique in thickness, size and amount of deckle on the edges. For these reasons, we DO NOT guarantee that our handmade paper will fit into any manufactured envelopes. They might, but we are not responsible if they don't. We highly suggest, if you are using manufactured envelopes, that you purchase the next larger size. My own handmade envelopes are the only ones I have control over, they are made to fit my handmade paper. 


Do you offer digital printing, foil printing, and/or letterpress?

Yes!  Please see The Print Shop on my website for more detailed information and to request a quote for your project. 

Can I print digitally on your paper?

Yes, but it can be quite challenging printing on handmade paper. I offer these services as well, please see The Print Shop on the website for details. I highly recommend that you do not request a full bleed for your digital printing. PRESSED paper is perfectly imperfect which means that no two are exactly alike. This may cause the full bleed to not bleed all the way to the edges. If you would like a full bleed, make sure to add a 0.25 inch bleed around the edges.

What details do you need for a print job?

Please submit an inquiry by filling out the form found on the "How It Works" page of my website.

Can you print a styled shoot package for me?

Yes, please complete a form submission on the "How It Works" page to request a quote. 

Do you have minimum orders for your printing services?

No, but our printing prices are based on quantity and size. 

Can you do double sided printing and letterpress?

Yes, please see The Print Shop for more detailed information on my printing services and to request a quote. Printing is priced per run through the printer so a double-sided project would be charged for both sides. I only letterpress or foil press both sides on our heavy weight paper.

Do you offer any manufactured paper for printing services?

No, we no longer print on manufactured paper.

Do you only print on your own handmade paper?

I only offer printing services on my own handmade paper. I do not print on handmade paper from other vendors. Each paper maker has their own recipes for making paper. The learniing curve for printing on all the different ones available makes it difficult to conquer.

Can I choose specific Pantone color for printing?

Yes, I hand-mix all my letterpress ink based on Pantone guidelines. I'll ask for the Pantone Uncoated color number you would like and match it as closely as possible.


       Can you give me a quote for paper and printing?

Absolutely!  Please complete a form submission on our "How It Works" page to begin the proposal process.

Can you cut straight edges for me on your handmade paper?

Yes, please complete a form submission on our "How It Works" page for a quote. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, PRESSED Wholesale Club launched January 2021. Please submit an inquiry through my website.

Do you offer classes on paper making?

Yes, I open my paper making course once a year, dates will be announced.

I love your designs, would you design my wedding suite or logo for me?

I'm happy to offer design services, please submit an inquiry through the contact page. My goal is to make PRESSED paper + print a convenient place for you to shop. I would love to be your go-to vendor for handmade paper, hand dyed ribbon, printing and design services.