I will be away from the studio for the month of October 2023. Our relocation to Tennessee is approaching! Orders will be processed upon return ;)



Meet HELOUISE our Kensol 50 hot foil press and her big sister WINDY our Original Heidelberg. These machines pack an impressive punch and are hot as H-E double toothpicks!


Foil is an elegant way to elevate your designs with metallic beauty. This is considered our luxury printing service. Foil press can be quite difficult to accomplish on handmade papers, but once again, we are happy to provide this service for you. 

A couple highly sought-after qualities of handmade paper is it's gorgeous texture and beautiful deckle edges. These lovely characteristics also make for inconsistent thickness and size of the paper. For these reasons, foil press on true handmade paper will never be perfect, there may be spotty coverage is some areas, but still readable and beautiful none-the-less. 

We purchase our foil supplies from Great Western Foil. Our in-house stock consists of gold, bronze, copper, rose gold, silver, and white. We do not limit your creativeness, we actually encourage it, so please feel free to choose from the many foil colors by clicking here Great Western Foil

Double-sided (front & back) foil press is an option as well. 

You may choose to purchase our handmade papers or our in-house manufactured paper for your project, but we only foil printing on our own handmade paper.

Please click here "How It Works"  to submit a form for your custom proposal.   


Each project is unique and will be quoted individually. Pricing includes everything (plate, foil and labor). Your cost is calculated by the complexity of your artwork, the size and your choice of handmade or manufactured paper. Each piece is placed by hand with great attention to detail.