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Meet our letterpress crew!

Millie - Chandler and Price, Windy - original Heidelberg Windmill and Bernie - Asbern flatbed cylinder press.


Letterpress is a historic, highly sought-after printing method that leaves the most beautiful 3-D impression on your stationery pieces. Each sheet is hand fed through our antique Chandler & Price or Asbern printing presses with great attention to detail and lots of love. No two pieces are entirely identical. Very slight variations in inking, color, impression and position are to be expected and are part of what makes letterpress stationery so beautiful and unique.

Our Heidelberg Windmill takes a bit longer to set up for printing, but once that's completed she's on autopilot for the most part and really fast!

Letterpress ink is transparent so lighter tones will provide more of a shadow and a dark, saturated ink will appear as a bolder print. We also provide blind impression letterpress as well, where no ink is applied, but we do recommend a hint of transparent white or light gray for better readability. Transparent ink does not show up well on dark papers, it looks more like a blind impression. We recommend foil printing for our darker shades of handmade paper if you are wanting more of an opaque print.

You may choose to purchase our handmade papers or our in-house Cranes Lettra paper for your project. Our heavy weight handmade paper is recommended for letterpress to give you the best impression results, but we can letterpress on our medium weight paper as well. We only provide letterpress on our own handmade papers.

We require at least a 10% paper overage of each design to account for for print alignment and mishaps.

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Letterpress PRICING

Pricing varies based on the size and complexity of your designs and is calculated by each press of Millie. Double-sided press (ie: business cards with print on both sides) counts as two presses.

We look forward to your inquiry and excited to press your designs with Millie!