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What Baskin Robbins and PRESSED have in common

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Cherry Jubilee. Gold Medal Ribbon. Mint Chocolate Chip. Classic Vanilla. 

If there’s one thing I love about Baskin Robbins-- other than, you know, ice cream-- it’s the franchise’s 31 flavors motto. Whether you’re feeling indulgent (hello, Jamoca Almond Fudge), a bit nutty (ahem, Nutty Coconut), or even a bit “Wild ‘n Reckless” (Yeah, that’s a flavor), you’re in luck. Baskin Robbins has you covered, and probably with hot fudge. 

Now, this blog post isn’t simply a glowing review of good ‘ole BR-- even if deserved! Believe it or not, that “31 flavors” motto connects with the early days of Pressed Paper & Print and is the perfect intro to how this little business got its start. 

Did you know I started out as a calligrapher? Before that, a beadmaker, and even before that, a jewelry maker.

It’s a long and winding story, but today we’re going to focus on Pressed’s origins, which start with my time as a calligrapher, at that time going by the moniker “Artfull Messages.” I was tasked with a beautiful wedding suite to be done on beautiful handmade paper-- all lovely things. However, I found myself having the most difficult time finding paper that fit the Bride’s color scheme!

She dreamed of handmade paper in this gorgeous “Merlot” shade (shown below) and I was able to find a few initial sheets for the project. However, when I went to reorder that same color from the papermaker I was working with at the time, it was no longer available! The creator was making paper that worked for the project, but was unfortunately not keeping any stock-- once a color was sold out, it was gone for good.

Rarely one to give up on making a customer’s dreams a reality, I decided to learn the paper-making process for myself and here we are today!

Check out my very first IG post here


This was my first foray into handmade paper, learning the basics so I could make the perfect “Merlot” for that bridal suite. Little did I know, I would have SO much fun! 

Slowly I began adding colors, starting with winter white and ecru and eventually balsam fir. With the enormous help of my husband John, we optimized the paper-making process and as our efficiency increased, my creative vision for our paper line grew! 

handmade paper

As my passion for papermaking grew, we outgrew the name “Artfull Messages.” Rebranding to “PRESSED Paper & Print” in April 2018, we became a full service papermaker. 

Now, just like Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, we have 31 colors of paper in our repertoire. Instead of Cherries Jubilee ice cream, we at Pressed have Berry handmade paper. Comparable to Daiquiri Ice/Mint Chocolate Chip would be Slate Blue, both light and dark.

Now, each of our colors may not directly be found in ice cream flavors, but we do have our own 31 colors (exactly 31, isn’t that wild?) to offer customers interested in handmade paper, and we’re pretty excited about that. From neutrals to cool and warm tones, we have a flavor color for everyone! And, if that special color doesn’t exist yet, we can make it and bring that number to 32, 33, 34… You get the idea :)

handmade paper

Do you have a favorite shade of handmade paper? Are there any colors you think we’re missing and need to add to the lineup ASAP? Sound off in the comments below!

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