Cheers to 2024, let's make this our best year ever! I'll be enjoying a much needed Spring vacation with my sisters April 11-26th. I will respond to all inquiries upon my return.

Sister's Weekend

Even though the paper-making process may seem like all fun and games-- I mean, we do get to play in pulp all day and we’re basically mad scientists when it comes to crafting the dreamiest of colorways-- running a small business can be quite the undertaking! 

Making pulp, coloring pulp, pulling sheets of paper, drying paper, checking each sheet for quality control, folding and gluing envelopes… the process of creating our product is easily a full-time job. And that’s just the creative part! Then we have communicating with clients, managing a social media presence, packaging and shipping orders… I could go on! When I first started this business (and, actually, often still), I’d put in 16 hour days at times to get it off the ground.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE every minute of it. The opportunity to follow my creative passions is the biggest blessing and there’s no doubt that good ‘ole hard work is crucial to be able to do so successfully. However, what people often don’t realize is that the hustle doesn’t stop once the business starts taking off! The efforts I had to put in towards bringing initial eyes to PRESSED have turned into efforts toward keeping up with our busy production schedule… once the train starts moving, it doesn’t stop!

Because of this, I’ve learned the necessity of balance for sustainability. Even though I understand the importance of working hard to build this business (and how much fun I’m having doing it!!), it's also been eye opening to realize that sometimes, taking a break can be just as beneficial.

This past weekend, I decided to do just that and journeyed to Virginia for our annual Sister’s Weekend. Each year, my lovely sisters and I travel to one of our homes for a weekend get-together. We each live in different states across the country, so these catch-up visits are always highly anticipated. I couldn’t wait!

We spent the weekend by my sister’s beautiful saltwater pool, drinking mimosas and raspberry sweet tea and enjoying each other’s company. I was able to catch up with my nieces and nephews in Virginia, spend time with their sweet babies and savoring yummy meals with the family-- all without worrying about keeping up PRESSED’s social presence or responding to paper inquiries.

I found so much natural inspiration on this trip and returned to my home in Texas feeling rested, revitalized and ready to tackle some paper orders. I took a weekend, a full four days, away from the life of a small business owner and you know what? PRESSED Paper will be better because of it :)

Do you struggle finding a balance between work and rest? What is your favorite way to wind-down amidst the chaos of being a busy creative? Sound off in the comments!

Big Hugs,