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Creative Uses for Paper

Now, you all know by now that we LOVE all of the delightful creations that can be made with handmade paper. Calligraphers, painters, printers, art directors… they make the most wonderful creations with handmade paper everyday!


However, we’re no fools-- handmade paper has been regarded as somewhat of a niche market as of late! If you’re not sending out invitations, announcements or holiday cards, well, you might not ever think to use handmade paper.


Here at PRESSED Paper, we pretty much live handmade paper. We use it for quick hand-written notes, we use it as a surface for tiny grand baby hands to decorate-- quite frankly, we haven’t found a task that hasn’t been made so much better with a good piece of handmade paper!


We’re all about finding little places for beauty in everyday life, so this week we decided to brainstorm a few creative uses for handmade paper. Check them out below and let us know what you think!


handmade paper


To keep a creative mind fulfilled:

  • Collaging (deckled edges were practically made for collaging!)
  • Paper mache “pottery,” creating dry bowls and plates for decoration
  • Binding books or creating homemade book sleeves to preserve your favorite stories
  • Pressing flowers from the garden
  • A medium to paint/draw on, making your vision come to life


To make a gift even more memorable:

  • Quirky wrapping paper, with one color or many!
  • Hand-written, personalized tags for gift bags
  • Thank you notes/cards always on hand, so you’re never caught without gratitude


To make a house a home:

  • Place cards for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners
  • Silverware holders to complete your table setting
  • Festive holiday decorations, such as ornaments or mini Halloween ghosts to hang
  • Mat for framing artwork or floating photographs


What do you think of the list? Do you have any creative ideas for other ways to use handmade paper? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so sound off in the comments!!


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P.S. Did you see us make our primetime debut? PRESSED Paper was featured in San Antonio’s own KENS5’s Made in SA segment. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and are so thankful to see our city featuring local creators! Check out the segment here.