Exciting Changes Ahead for PRESSED paper+print! We sold our beloved Texas home and will be moving to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee. As we embark on this new journey, PRESSED paper+print will be temporarily closed for production until the first week of September. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and truly appreciate your understanding and patience.

Coming Soon: PRESSED Textiles

Hi everyone!

It’s Jaimi here! I’m going to be tackling the PRESSED blog post for this week to tell you about a project we’re SO excited to finally reveal.

But first, story time…

Now, as you all have probably gathered by this point, I’ve been working with my mom for the past (almost) two years on the design and marketing sides of PRESSED. I’ve loved it!! And part of the reason why it’s been so fun-- in addition to getting to work with my mom every day-- is because of my love for design.

I began my career in Atlanta, armed with an interior design degree and a whole lot of determination. I quickly realized that landing my first interior design job was going to be much harder than anticipated… so I rolled up my sleeves and put in the work.

I started researching the places that designers shopped, and figured if I went there, meeting those in the local industry would naturally follow. This search led me to ADAC, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, the home of many premier design showrooms. Next thing I knew, I was volunteering for a huge fabric house within ADAC. Soon after, my first job!

I loved my time working in textiles, and always knew I’d love to go back down that route. When brainstorming for PRESSED during the early days of the business, I mentioned adding a textile line to the company once it made sense to do so. Now, two years later, the time has come to introduce PRESSED Textiles!

Textiles seemed like a natural extension of PRESSED, considering one of the best features of our paper is it’s beautiful, soft texture. The fabrics we’ve chosen are all cotton or cotton/linen blends, each falling within the PRESSED color philosophy-- so neutral, natural and foundational shades!


We specifically curated fabrics that were both amazing quality and a great price for our existing creative friends. We’re starting off with a white, a flax, a stone and two naturals, and each fabric has a beautiful texture. 

The possibilities are endless and because you’re all creatives, I’m sure you have an even better idea of good uses for PRESSED Textiles. However, I’ve brainstormed a few ways I’ve loved using it for so far:

  • A neutral backdrop when photographing suites
  • Some texture to spice up your styling boards, flat lays, or other styled shoot essentials
  • Runners, table cloths, pillows, curtains for year-round home decor

The fabrics we’ve curated have accessible prices and a designer quality, so they’re perfect for both DIY-project lovers and designers alike.

Here are the logistics:

We’re starting with five neutral, foundational fabrics for our first line: Charlotte (a lace white), Grace (an almond), Phoebe (a white gray), Dean & Rocky (both naturals).


We’re going to be offering a week of pre-sales, starting on October 21st, with PRESSED Textiles officially going live on October 28th. During the week of presales, we’re going to be offering specials and discounts on the new fabric line, so keep an eye out for further announcements!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this collection to you! But first, two questions:

What would you use PRESSED Textiles for? What shades would you like to see us expand to in the future? Sound off in the comments!


Big Hugs,