Cheers to 2024, let's make this our best year ever! I'll be enjoying a much needed Spring vacation with my sisters April 11-26th. I will respond to all inquiries upon my return.'s Christmas in July!

Here at Pressed we take the holidays very seriously. Like, Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin/Clark Griswold lighting his home seriously.  

In February we partake in all things heart-shaped and in March we partake in all things green. In October we stock up on Mars and Hershey variety packs to hand out to trick or treaters… then we stock up again when, inevitably, we eat our way through the first stash and need some candy for the kids. In November the Pressed family gathers from across the country, from Tennessee and Georgia to New York and Michigan, for a feast of the ages. 

However, none of this compares to the Pressed Christmas celebrations, which are taken so seriously that they also happen to begin in November. The Hallmark movies ramp up (a new one each week!), the Hill Country Germanic festivities begin and the Christmas Pickle is hidden for one lucky sleuth to uncover.

Well, we’re about six months out from Christmas now and we at Pressed were starting to miss all the festivities. Missing it so much, actually, that we’re so excited to announce that this year we are partaking in Christmas in July!!

We are so, so thankful for all that have supported Pressed up until this point, from ordering paper and services to sending kind words via social media. We are also so very thankful for the wonderful new studio we’ve been able to watch grow with the business. We’re overflowing with gratitude and it feels like Christmas!

This year in celebration of the season (and the grand opening of our wonderful new studio), we are giving bonus points as thanks to members of the Pressed Points program. However, if you didn’t get to sign up for the program before this, no worries! These bonus points will be available to new signees as well.

Also, if you’re as excited about the studio as we are, follow along with its progress on our Instagram @PressedPaper and keep an eye out for our official unveiling post! 

Thank you all so much for your support so far and Merry Christmas-- in July!