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ASCEND Workshop Recap

We’re still basking in the glow of our first ASCEND workshop, Art in Motion, with none other than the lovely Suzanne Cunningham!

We experienced two amazing courses, The Art of the Oval and Envelopes and Etiquette, and let me just tell you-- I feel like I’m a better calligrapher for it!

This workshop got me thinking about retreats, workshops, and the community we’re working to build with them. 

You see, our biggest motivation at PRESSED is family. Husbands, wives, daughters, sons, grandbabies… even the PRESSED community. I mean, check out this definition of family:


When John and I first built our studio, it was fueled by a need for more space to accommodate our growing business. We needed an area that was both functional, and inspirational, to expand PRESSED into.

However, I’m realizing this space has a much greater meaning for us and the PRESSED community. Just as with our own family, we want to provide our community with everything they need to grow, nourish, and share in a safe environment full of love (and lots of hugs!).

We wanted the studio to be a place for creatives to meet in person and feel comfortable, housed in a family-like setting. And you know what? At the Art in Motion workshop, it felt just like that!

All questions and conversations were free to flow without any feelings of intimidation. It was a small gathering where we bonded over delicious, home-cooked meals and Suzanne’s great teachings.

Unfortunately we can’t have a workshop or retreat every weekend (we WISH!) but we have started planning for our Spring 2020 get-together already. Next spring, we’re planning a retreat (and workshops!) featuring a plethora of talented, generous, wonderful creatives. 

If you couldn’t tell, we’re already excited for our next event. As we plan, we’d love to hear your retreat/workshop suggestions! Are there any specific topics you’d like to learn more about, regarding how to ASCEND your small business?

Sound off in the comments!

Big Hugs,